Dunmore Village Privacy Policy

Dunmore Village Association (DVA) GDPR policy

DVA only collects, keeps or uses personal data to fulfil a purpose which fits into one of the following lawful bases:

  1. To serve the DVA’s legitimate interests.
  2. The DVA has explicit consent from the person whose data it is.
  3. To fulfil a contract with a person whose contract it is.
  4. To meet a legal obligation.
  5. To protect someone’s life.
  6. To perform a public task.

Any time DVA collects, store or uses people’s personal data, DVA should be clear which of these reasons they have for doing so.
e.g. Dunmore Village Association needs to consult local people about neighbourhood issues and developments. To do this, they need people’s email and home addresses, so that they can ensure they give everyone in the area an opportunity to give their views. However, they do not
need other information about people, such as their marital status, gender or age.

Revised 15.05.2023