Sam Scissorhands to the rescue!

We’re thrilled to welcome Sam Scissorhands garden maintenance to Dunmore. The Village Association has engaged Sam to cut the grass in village public spaces between Falkirk Council’s infrequent visits. Sam is also picking up cuttings, which means playing and sitting on the village green is a much more pleasant experience! Say hello! and cheer herContinue reading “Sam Scissorhands to the rescue!”

Focus group on coastal management

Residents have been invited to a study about green/nature-based solutions in coastal management. CoOpt is an interdisciplinary project exploring how to support the transition from hard “grey” defences to softer “green” solutions in coastal flood protection management. They also look at the acceptability of flood protection schemes in the UK. Airth is one of four caseContinue reading “Focus group on coastal management”

Proposed development at Hill of Airth

George Russell construction Ltd is trying again to get their initially rejected Hill of Airth development proposal passed. There is a consultation event on Monday 5th June, 2.30-6.30pm in Airth Community Hall, with all comments to be in by Monday 19th June. More info and consultation here: